Sydney University Experience Designers

We’re SUEDE, a society driven by students passionate about the design of everyday interactions, services, and experiences.

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What We Do


Collaborate and gain practical experience to build your portfolio!


Make friends and join the design community at The University of Sydney!


Get advice from industry professionals and prepare yourself for the workforce!

How To Get Involved

To make sure you get the most out of the experiences, events and information we provide make sure to do these 4 things:

  1. Like our Facebook page @suedesociety
  2. Join our Facebook group @suedemembers
  3. Follow us on Instagram @suedesociety
  4. Come along to an event! You can sign up as an official member at any of our events - it costs $5 for one year - this will entitle you to discounts, catering at our pizza events and other various benefits depending on the style of the event and the growth of SUEDE in the months to come.

Our Executive

  • President: Yunipaula Jeong

  • Vice President: Alex Pribula

  • Secretary: Lachlan Paull

  • Treasurer: Maria Salman

  • Project Director: Amy Su

  • Social Director: Joel Gunawan

  • Industry Director: Zeynep Canley

  • Multimedia Director: Jade Jiang

  • Community Director: Abdul Jebara

  • General Executive: Christina Hatgis

  • General Executive: Lachlan Pidgeon

  • General Executive: Michael Comino

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